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Facebook & Instagram remove abusive comments on Lizzo’s account


Facebook and Instagram have reportedly removed abusive and racist comments about Lizzo after her hurtful expression last weekend.

The Giant social media platform’s spokesman has revealed their operation on protecting their users from hate speech and harassment.

Facebook’s spokesman told  The Hollywood Reporter about this operation after Lizzo addresses racist and fatphobic comments she is experiencing on social media platforms.

The 33-year-old, real name Melissa Jefferson who is among of successful artist on entertainment has expressed how grateful to reach this milestone, but she expresses also bad experiences she is facing from negativity, as many bullies use social platform to slow her down.

During an Instagram Live on Sunday, Lizzo said: “On the days when I should feel the happiest, I feel so down. Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back. It’s like it doesn’t matter how much positive energy you put into the world, you’re still gonna have people who have something mean to say about you.”

“What I won’t accept is y’all doing this to black women over and over and over again, especially us big black girls,” she said. “When we don’t fit into the box that you want to put us in, you just unleash hatred onto us. It’s not cool. I’m doing this for the big black women in the future who just want to live their lives without being scrutinized or put into boxes.”

Many celebrities slam social media bullies, as giant companies are looking forward to integrate new feature in order to reduce spikes hate comments.

Lizzo released the song “Rumors” with Cardi B on Friday, simultaneously releasing a music video that has been viewed more than 10 million times as of Monday afternoon. The song lyrics themselves address “haters,” with Lizzo singing in one verse “Why you spending all your time trying to break a woman down?”

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