Friday, May 20, 2022
CelebrityEmtee slams Ambitiouz Entertainment for posting him

Emtee slams Ambitiouz Entertainment for posting him

Rapper Emtee has slammed former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, for keep his name on their social media.

Emtee was on trending news last year following his departure from the label after revealing his hard times.

The rapper revealed his financial woes which left him without house or car, also he speaks about leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The rapper also confirmed rumours that he had lost his car and house but said it had nothing to do with Ambitiouz.

“They (Ambitiouz) didn’t repossess the house and cars. I don’t have it anymore. They helped me get it but it wasn’t part of the contract. It was simply that I had problems with the maintenance and it is a matter between myself and the agents.”

After a departure from former label, Emtee decided to become independent artist, starting his label.

Ambitiouz Entertainment released a statement remind fans few things about their former artists who is currently independent artist.

As you know, the rapper is moving on but he did not like the statement released by former record label on their social media page.

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