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Diamond platnumz says this year is to make his fans happy


The musician Diamond Platnumz has emphasized his promise to his fans in this year 2023 that it is the year to restore his honor by dropping many songs to make everyone happy like before.

The artist asked his fans to sit down and wait for him to perform while saying that they will be happy and proud to have him in this region of East Africa.

He said that in his efforts to release music, he may have to sing in Chinese, asking fans not to be surprised when they hear the song, while thanking everyone who has continued to watch his new song ‘Yatapita‘ and make it a hit on all music download platforms in Africa East. Thank you for making “#Yatapia, the number one song on all platforms ūüôŹūüŹľ .. My promise is still there that this year I have dedicated a special thing to music and to ensure that you get all kinds of pleasures! Don’t be shocked if you hear me sing Chinese there,” Diamond said jokingly.

Initially, the artist said that the song reminds him of the era when he started from the lower levels where he hinted at being left behind during that period due to lack of livelihood.

He used the opportunity to advise the sisters not to find their men who are struggling to make life successful while they are starting to struggle.

“My sisters, every man who loves his woman sincerely, know that he wants to provide her with all her needs‚Ķ When she is late to find him, don’t get tired of tolerating him and run away from him, pray for him and give him courage so that tomorrow he will succeed in life and together you can live the life you wanted all the time‚Ķ. Don’t act like Sarah did to me,” Platnumz said.

“May this song inspire and comfort all of us where we are going through various challenges in life, Insha Allah this year may God grant us to be able to achieve the dreams we are fighting for.”

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