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Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba in a new conflicts 2023


Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba in a new conflicts 2023

This year 2023 entertainment was opened with the ‘aggression’ of the leadership of Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) to treat and anger the Artist Alikiba.

Artist Alikiba expressed his displeasure with what the manager of Diamond Platnumz and WCB Wasafi, Sallam SK, did by giving what he called a list of artists who did well in 2022, thus raising a new issue.

In the two lists of Sallam SK, he mentioned Diamond as the number one artist while Alikiba ranked seventh, this is what surprised Ali Kiba and he said that this is a continuation of the kick for Wasafi.

It should be noted that Diamond and Alikiba have been mentioned as big competitors in Bongo Fleva music, they are mentioned to have many fans who formed two camps, thus stimulating the competition of these artists.

They are artists who have differed in many ways in their music and other things related to their work that made them famous.

If we analyze the behavior of these artists, since he started making music, Alikiba has never had any of his songs blocked by the National Arts Council (Basata) and he said he makes music that even his mother can listen to and videos that even children can watch with their parents.

On the part of Diamond, two of his songs, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Waka’ have been banned by Basata due to violating Tanzanian values, while the song ‘Mwanza’ featuring Rayvanny has also been banned, and even the video of his song ‘Mtasubiri’ featuring Zuchu has also been banned. for lack of morals!.

Regarding albums, Diamond has released three albums; Kammambie (2010), Lala Salama (2012) and A Boy From Tandale (2018), while releasing one EP, First of All (2022).

As for Alikiba, he has three albums similar to Mondi, which are; Cinderella (in 2007), Ali K 4Real (2009) and Only One King (2021), the difference is that Kiba does not have an EP even though he is the first to come out musically before Diamond. He has outlived Mondi by more than five years.

In terms of awards, it is more than eight years, Diamond still holds the record of winning seven Tanzania Music Awards (TMA) 2014 in one night, Alikiba has tried to break this record twice without success.

In 2015, Alikiba almost broke the Diamond record but ended up winning only five awards in one night, and last year when the awards were repeated after seven years, Alikiba won five, so he has not broken Diamond’s record in terms of those awards.

Regarding working with mothers, Alikiba has worked with two women who have had relationships with Diamond until they had children, those women are Tanasha Donna from Kenya who was blessed with one child, Nasseb Junior, in the video of her song, ‘Nagharamia’, also he used Hamisa Mobetto who has one child with Diamond, Dylan, in the video of his song, ‘Dodo’, but Diamond has not done anything like that.

Diamond’s label, WCB manages five artists including two female artists, while Alikiba’s Kings Music has four artists and none of them are female.

These artists have shown that blood is heavier than water as they have all signed their brothers to their music labels, Diamond signed his sister, Queen Darleen, while Alikiba did the same for his younger brother, Abdukiba.

After last year Alikiba won five TMA awards, he reached a total of 17 TMA awards, the same as Diamond who also has 17.

Almost 20 years in Bongo Fleva, Alikiba has never recorded a song or video with any woman he has ever had in a relationship or marriage.

But Diamond did that with Tanasha Donna through their song ‘Gere’ and Hamisa Mobetto through the song ‘Jibebe’, Hamisa also appeared in the video of her song, ‘Salome’, while Zari The Bosslady in the videos of the songs, ‘Utanipenda’ and ‘ It is’.

Without a doubt, you have seen the big difference between these artists rocking Bongo Fleva music in Tanzania.

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