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Daniel Marven denied beefing Emtee: ‘I am trying to promote his new single’


Comedian and singer Daniel Marven has denied beefing Emtee following bitter response from the rapper after the claim he fell through the stage went viral on social media.

Emtee was on trending topic on twitter after clip shared by Daniel claim he fell through the stage once again, the rapper denied claims and threw some shades to Daniel.

Speaking with People’s Paper, Daniel said what he did was a promotion for singer following his bad times last year.

“There’s no beef between Emtee and I, I am trying to promote his new single. Although there’s some bad blood between us, I just want to extend a helping hand. I like helping people get back on their feet.”

When asked if Emtee is aware of this plan, he said no.

“Emtee knows nothing about me helping him. Celebrities must know we don’t hate them on social media, we are in fact helping them. When they see themselves trending, they must use the opportunity and ride the waves. They must promote their things when such things happen,” said Daniel.

Emtee said he hoped people wouldn’t believe that was him because his name is always surrounded by controversy.

“When I saw the video at first I laughed because I know that video. It’s an old video from before I even became who I am right now. However, I worried that people would believe it. But now I am realising that if someone believes that video, then they are small-minded,” he said.

The rapper also said he didn’t know that Daniel was trying to help him and there’s no beef between them.

He said: “I did not know what his intentions were, but if he is trying to help me then I thank him for that. Also, there’s no beef between us. He is just a guy that practices his right to freedom of speech and I am also like that. He’s outspoken and straight, and we have that in common. So I understand him.”

Emtee said he is dropping two singles and a project named after his son, Logan on 29 January.

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