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DaBaby responds to backlash after homophobic and HIV/AIDS rant


DaBaby is facing backlash over his uneducated thoughts about HIV/Aids, as well slut to LGBTQ community.

According to BBC, DaBaby reportedly told audience Rolling Loud music festival to put up their cell phone lights except the concertgoers who were HIV-positive or were gay men who had sex in car parks.

His comment divides people, there’re others sided with him, but other like Dua condemn his comments.

As you know, the two worked together on her hit song, “Levitating,” which is on her album, “Future Nostalgia, so, she was questioned by her fans over his comments.

Responding to the rapper’s comments on IG story, Dua said she was shocked and horrified with his comment, she doesn’t consider him as person anymore.

She wrote, “I’m surprised and horrified at DaBaby’s comments. I really don’t recognize this as the person I worked with.” Dua’s note continued, “I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LGBTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS.”

DaBaby responded to backlash in a video reposted by The Jasmine Brand he said, “What me and my fans do at the live show it doesn’t concern you on the Internet or you bitter b****es on the Internet.”

“All of my fans at the show, the gay ones and the straight ones, we turn the f*** up,” DaBaby added.

After recent his recent rant, many social media users call for the rapper to be cancelled, because he discriminates those who live with HIV/AIDS, as well slut to LGBTQ community.

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