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Coco Austin says she will stop breastfeeding only if the child ‘says so’


ICE-T’s wife has revealed that she will only stop breastfeeding until her 5-year-old daughter “says so” on her recent interview amid backlash.

In an interview on E!’s Daily Pop, Coco said that she received negative comments from majority for her decision for not quitting breastfeeding her 5-year-old.

Speaking more about her daughter, Coco Austin even joking by calling her daughter is “a boob freak” when it comes on breastfeeding.

She said will continue doing it because it create great bonding with her, “I’m [not] going to stop because I feel like it’s a great bonding experience between her and I,” she said in this clip.

“She’s my only child, it’s not like I have a big family of kids, and so I’m savoring every moment with this child,” the doting mom added while asking Chanel, who sat in her lap, “Do you want the boob?”

She also admitted she didn’t think she would end up breastfeeding this long until it happened. “I always thought I wasn’t going to go on and on with this breastfeeding thing,” she explained. “I thought I would stop more like around one. Then I loved it too much, and I’m like, ‘I feel like I’m wanted, like she wants me.’ I think a lot of mothers would understand.”

When it comes to breastfeeding, Coco said ICE-T is full supportive to her, decision. “Well, he loves the boobs too,” she joked. “He’s got one side, she’s got the other. She’s going to be a boob freak.”

“Ice, he believes in everything I believe,” she went on while also revealing they have one big family bed that they all use. “We call it the family bed. We have all the dogs, Chanel, that’s our bonding time together,” she confirmed. “We incorporate our family bed every single night. We co-sleep and that’s another one people want to get on. It’s weird situation because I don’t know why I have to explain myself.”

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