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Clement Maosa launches foundation to help children


Skeem Saam actor Clement Maosa has launched his foundation focusing on fighting quality education for every child in the country.

After having launched the Bakgethwa Foundation this year, Clement plans to fight for quality education for every child.

Having managed to be a living testimony of the importance of education as he managed to push through school and completed his law degree against a lot of odds, Clement took to Instagram and explained why he chose to have his own foundation.

“God keeps showing up for me, eventually after years of hesitation and not wanting to own a foundation for personal reasons, this year 2020, the Bakgethwa Foundation was birthed and through it many lives were touched from province to province.”

Since launching his foundation, Clement has been visiting schools where he assured the schoolchildren never to doubt themselves because of their difficult circumstances.

“The aim is to fight for quality education for every child, so ours is to make information accessible to those abandoned and forgotten by the systems so they continue fighting to better their lives and never lose hope or doubt themselves.”

“We continue reaffirming them and instilling back their confidence and dignity.”

Clement explained being from a small village, he fought against all odds to get where he is today, claiming faith is what got him through.

“I’m from the villages and I fought against all odds to reach my goals. I always tell the learners that their circumstances and backgrounds don’t determine their future. Through my journey and sharing my story of losing both parents [both domestic workers] as a teenager, but never losing hope, I get to inspire others.”

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