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Chad Da Don claps back at claims he’s player


Chad Da Don lose his temper after fans calling him a player following their ending with Kelly Khumalo, last year, and moving to another woman.

Rapper Chad accused by a fan of being a player, claim that he moved to another woman so fast after break up with Kelly.

After the claims, Chad Da Don was so furious, he responds…… “Fuck you, b*tch. What do you know about me?”

While the user apologised for “disrespecting” the star, Chad took it with a pinch of salt.

“If you a were a fan you would have my back. Didn’t sound like you did G. Especially labeling me as a player. Meantime you have no idea what happened in my life or past, you just assume. Don’t do that. Apology accepted though.”

Some fans are criticizing him following several snaps from social media flaunting his new boo Carla.

Chad’s new bae, Carla, also weighed in, telling haters to “move on, drink water and mind your own business”.

Chad and Kelly were reportedly engaged, and even got matching tattoos on their ring fingers before rumours of a break-up hit social media last year.


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