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Cassper says COVID-19 messed his plans on buying Ferrari


Cassper Nyovest revealed on his past plans of buying a 458 Ferrari at his 30th birthday, but now things went beyond his expectations.

The rapper said coronavirus ruined his plans as he will no longer landing the car.

Cassper Nyovest is among of those celebs got hit harder by pandemic, lacking of gigs this year affecting financial our artists.

Taking to the Twitter, Cassper wrote, “It’s My birthday in a few days and my dream was to buy myself a 458 Ferrari on my 30th birthday. I was gonna hit my goal but covid messed my plans.”

The rapper was also grateful for welcome his son despite a rough year, he hope some day he could land his dream car.

“I got a beautiful baby boy though and that’s the best gift I have ever gotten in my life. Ima get a rarri one day doe. 2022!!!”

This is not the first time Mufasa to reveal on how coronavirus skip his plans, many local artists went through traumatic situation due to pandemic restriction and lack of gigs.

The pandemic hits the world for the second time as there is hope from scientists on vaccine, few countries in Africa and Western have agreed to taste it.

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