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Cassper on online activism: ‘You can’t change the world through a tweet’


Cassper Nyovest has called out people to do more than online activism because social media “platforms are too shallow to dissect anything complex”.

“Time and again we get on these social media platforms to explain ourselves to people who don’t want to understand us. If we ever meet in person, we will get to know each other. These platforms are too shallow to dissect anything complex. You can’t change the world through a tweet,” he tweeted.

Cassper’s aim was to motivate people to do more than tweeting but some followers misinterpreting it, after his words they started slamming him thinking that he disrespects what is going on in Western countries.

“For a person in the spotlight, influence and huge following, tweets can actually do a lot. Imagine if most celebs tweeted and called out the SANDF for the murder of Collins Khosa, tweets can mobilise the masses,” one tweep said.

“I disagree with the last part. You can change the world with just a tweet. Look at @akreana … That ‘O Jewa Keng’ tweet changed a lot of people’s lives. People got hired and others got fed,” said another tweep.

Cassper Nyovest’s idea basically is complex for low thinkers but it relies on truth because it is hard to change people’s personality through it, despite campaign goes right now online many haters use it to attack celebs for respecting Black Lives Matter movement. So it is like create a problem within the problem.

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