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Cassper Nyovest |upcoming album is getting mixed in LA


Cassper Nyovest |upcoming album is getting mixed in LA

“The album [is] getting mixed now in LA. I need that crisp world class knock! This s**t better bang,” he posted.

Cassper Nyovest gave fans popularly known as “Tsibipians” more information on his upcoming album which he says is already in the works overseas. 

He shared on his Twitter timeline that he wants his next offering to be fire.

Cassper has six albums under his belt. 

  • Tsholofelo (2014)
  • Refiloe (2015)
  • Thuto (2017)
  • Sweet and Short (2018)
  • A.M.N (Any Minute Now) (2020)
  • Sweet and Short 2.0 (2021)

The rapper and businessman has been consistently dropping hints about his next music venture since early March.

“This album is perfect. I might not drop a single. I might just drop the whole project so it’s received in context. I don’t want any confusion, so the song that is dropping before the album isn’t a single. It’s a campaign. It’s a dope song, but it’s not the sound of the album.”

He previously said the work would be a “masterpiece”.

“I been in the studio messing around. Don’t know how long it’ll take, but I want to create a masterpiece. I owe to myself,” he tweeted.

Speaking about the success of his fifth studio album A.M.N (Any Minute Now) he took to his Twitter timeline to share how pleased he was with the recognition it was getting.

“People don’t really listen to albums any more so the fact that a rap album with nothing but rap music on it has been number 1 for four weeks straight in the amapiano climate is lit. You can’t downplay that. I dropped a f***ing amazing album and the people are loving it. Go fella FAO,” he wrote.

Cassper Nyovest |upcoming album is getting mixed in LA

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