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Cassper Nyovest remembers the presence of his late bestie Riky Rick’s


As South Africans continue to mourn rapper Riky Rick's death, his former bestie and fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest was candid about his grief, saying he regrets thinking he had more time with Riky.

Cassper asked his audience to light up a venue with lighters and cellphone lights as he remembered the late rapper, who died last Wednesday after taking his own life.

The Tito Mboweni hitmaker, who had a rich history with Riky, admitted his heartbreak about Riky’s death, saying he was going to miss his buddy. Cassper and Riky had one of the tightest bromances in SA hip-hop until fall out in 2018.

Both rappers spoke about wanting to mend bridges and rebuild their brotherhood at some point but never got to it.

In his Instagram caption accompanying a video of one of his performances at the weekend at which he performed Stay Shining — one of Riky’s hit songs in which he featured — Cassper admitted he was broken that he would never get a chance to get his bestie back.

“I’m going to miss you ma n*gga…

“I thought we had time. I can’t say I don’t regret wasting it but I have to come to terms with it at some point. Until we meet again are going to stay shining. #RipRikyRick”

Watch the video below:

Cassper broke his silence on Friday by taking to his socials to share a snap of them together. Riky was embracing him and he said he could feel the love the rapper had for him.

Cass expressed how hard it was to come to terms with the rapper’s death because he was not ready to part with him.

“This is probably my favourite picture of us. There’s a funny story to it. As a man, I am very uncomfortable with another man touching me, or worse, being behind me. So when Riky crept up behind me in the middle of an interview, what I really wanted to do wass turn around and ask ‘Which one is this one now?’ Lol.”

“I had to put my guard down and chill because it was him. I don’t remember what he said in this interview, but I know he was showing love like he always would. I’m not ready to let go yet. It’s all still a shock, but what I shared with this man was real and we both knew it. My brother! To be continued.”

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