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Cassper Nyovest recalls his past experience when he tried weed


Cassper Nyovest has shared his past experience with weed when he tried it at young age.

The rapper said it was good for the first time, but it was bad for other times because he felt something weird, as he thanking himself for quitting it.

He wrote on Twitter: I smoked weed when I was young and impressionable. Just fell into peer pressure from friends, I got nothing from it and had a bad experience.  I am glad I quit early. I don’t like weed, I don’t like drugs nje. A lot of people get angry when I say that but it is what it is.

He added: “I only enjoyed my first high cause I was just laughing nje. I don’t remember enjoying being high again. Weed is not for me. I’m good. I enjoy my spuzeli,  thats it. No drugs. I also see my friends who smoke and how slow and incompetent it makes them and I’m just like nah.”

After he had bad high experience with it, he realise that it was not good for him as he opt to quit, he said, “I just quit hey. Had a bad high and swore never to touch weed again.”

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