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Cassper Nyovest- “Music doesn’t expire”


Cassper Nyovest- “Music doesn’t expire”

Cassper Nyovest released his fifth music album “Any Minute Now” in 2020.

The rapper recently replied to a tweep saying ‘music doesn’t expire’ after a fan had commented on the album recently.

A reporter informed after a fan said he slept on the album.
“I didn’t sleep. We had exceeded our marketing budget. Couldn’t shoot more videos. The album is also still alive cause people talk about it every day. Music doesn’t expire, especially if it’s good,” tweeted Cassper.

Cassper Nyovest- "Music doesn't expire"

“You slept on AMN, man you did magic there and you left it hanging. Your verse on thoughts cm on,” said the fan.

In his mentions some tweeps shared the same sentiment.

“No man we needed those visuals from that album. Now when they play focus on trace they gonna play abo 2legit2quit leaving out your very best work coz there was no budget for it. You had budget for bana ba stout and not for Egyptian cotton or how does it feel? Fr? No man,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Dude. I feel like Cass neglected AMN. Thoughts it’s fire bro. I literally know Cassper’s verse word for word, bar for bar because I relate to what he was saying. Boogie also did justice to the song,” replied another one

The success of his album saw his single Amademoni being certified gold, while Good For That reached platinum status. Taking to his Twitter timeline then he said he dropped a banger of an album.

“People don’t really listen to albums any more so the fact that a rap album with nothing but rap music on it has been number 1 for 4 weeks straight in the amapiano climate is lit. You can’t downplay that. I dropped a fu**ing amazing album and the people are loving it. Go fella FAO.

Cassper Nyovest- “Music doesn’t expire”

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