Friday, September 17, 2021
CelebrityCassper Nyovest: ‘I'm far from a billionaire man…. but I will be...

Cassper Nyovest: ‘I’m far from a billionaire man…. but I will be one day’

Cassper Nyovest believes everything positive might happen to him some day, he says he can be billionaire one day but it is not about money.

Cassper has opened up about his vision on making positive changes on future, not even money but it could be something else or it.

Mzansi celebs including Cassper have inspired to be on the top following reports from Forbes this week named Kanye West as a new billionaire worth 1.26bn.

Cass believes it is possible to start from nothing to billionaire rank if and only if he put inspiration into real.

“I’m far from a billionaire man but I will be a billionaire one day. It’s not even about the money. I am about proving to myself that I can start from 0 to a billion. I’m sure it’ll also inspire others, but if I could just see it sit in the account I will be mind-blown.”

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