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Cassper express concern to artists affected financially from pandemic


Cassper Nyovest has expressed his concern to those artists affected financially from COVID-19 pandemic, he wishes something positive to come preventing others from depression and suicide.

COVID-19 hit badly South Africa as government trying different approaches including education to citizen and lockdown law to slow down infection rate.

The infection rate is higher bringing South Africa into 5th position worldwide, many celebs have tested positive from the pandemic.

On social media, some artists have shared how badly the pandemic hit their lives, Cass believes those artists could suffer depression.

“I just get anxiety thinking of this sh*t! I feel so sorry for my colleagues cause this ain’t some save for a rainy day sh*t. This a full year without income, nobody expected this. Depression, suicides, desperate measures. Man, this just ain’t it,” Cassper said.

Euphonik agreed with Cass, if the pandemic remain in the country for long then it will make those artists in difficult situation.

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