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Cardi B defends Dwyane Wade’s daughter over backlash


Cardi B has joined list of celebs showing support to Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya, over backlash she and her family faces after revealed she becoming transgender girl.

Dwyane Wade and his family receive a plenty of criticism from social media after allowing his daughter, 12, becoming a female and change her name from Zion to Zaya.

Many people on social media call it unacceptable because 12-year-old can’t make their decision because their minors, and if it is acceptable then R. Kelly should be free from his current cases.

Some of celebs like Boosie BadAzz call out Wade, slammed him for that decision.

Last Friday (Feb. 21), Cardi B hopped on her Instagram Story to defend Dwyane Wade and his 12-year-old child Zaya who have become the subject of social media chatter lately. In her two-minute video, Bardi addresses those who say that Zaya is “too young” to understand gender and sexuality.

“How old is too young?” she asked. “If you are born knowing that you are a girl in a boy’s body, how old do you have to be to keep knowing that that’s who you are? That’s who you are, that’s your identity.”

Bardi would go on to urge people to stop criticizing Wade and Zaya and educate themselves on the matter.

“I understand that they just don’t be understanding certain shit, please try to understand,” she stated. “Because sometimes you will be wanting people to understand you. So try to understand somebody else. Especially when it is a child.”

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