Thursday, December 2, 2021
CelebrityBusiswa is not impressed on how industry treats female rappers

Busiswa is not impressed on how industry treats female rappers

Busiswa Gqulu is not happy for being only one female rapper included on the 2020 MTV Base Hottest MCs list.

The sensational artist has slammed the industry for treating female rappers unfair, she feels disrespected for being included on the list.

Bisiswa said they included her as a “token” to hide the truth which is they are hating female rappers.

“If you’re a female rapper in SA I hope you know they’ve deliberately disrespected you and chose click bait instead: Me. I’m also being used here. The token female that will get engagement on SM going. I’ve worked my a** off for 9 years only to be made a token. Kubi nangapha.” Busiswa tweeted.

Many followers and celebs have shown their disapproval of it, many consider it as joke and unfair.

The list caused strong emotional among female artists, Busiswa asks them to unite and not shading each other to fight together for recognition.

Busiswa is not impressed on how industry treats female rappers
Instagram: Busiswa

“It’s done and we move. Let’s move with love. It’s already a ‘doggy dawg’ world (pun intended). Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Something is wrong with the game. The game hates women. We know this. Especially those who win. Keep bossing up and the accolades will show up,” Busiswa said.

She also said she is not proud being to be included because she feels something wrong in the industry after some tweeps questioning criteria used to put her on the list.

“You can’t tell me what I know about myself. Being called a rapper is not an achievement to me. No matter how highly you think of it. Rest mfethu.”

Busiswa is among of few female rappers in South Africa who had pave the way in music industry, she use her platform also to encourage other women to stand together against hate that women are experiencing in music.

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