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Buhle Samuels opens up about lessons she learnt from lockdown


Actress Buhle Samuels has opened up about lessons she learnt from country lockdown following coronavirus outbreak around the world.

“I’m wondering about what we can take away from this virus. Do we actually need to go to offices to work? Of course, some professions do but some are operating fine. Is it necessary to have people stuck in traffic stressed out and anxious? Can’t bosses come up with a more flexible way?” she asked.

Buhle believes the lockdown has changed the world into new lifestyle on which others affected from it but others learnt new way of working.

Buhle Samuels learnt that it is possible to work at during this time despite affects others are getting from lockdown.

She believes that many people will adapt new ways of getting jobs after the end of this crisis, which could be better for future.

The actress explained that she understood that some people have no choice but to go out and work. However, one thing Covid-19 seemed to have shown SA, among others, was that it is actually possible to work from home. The actress shared some of her ideas on her TL.

“Also businesses can reduce their costs by renting out offices by hot-desking … Then if staff and people, in general, aren’t travelling so much, then insurance companies can reduce people’s premiums, putting more money in people’s pockets. So people can make ends meet.

“There’ll be less traffic, fewer accidents, better quality of life for people and a solution to try to put more money where it belongs and perhaps this will motivate people to work …” she said.

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