Saturday, October 23, 2021
CelebrityBoity Thulo launches her perfume range at R1,500 a bottle

Boity Thulo launches her perfume range at R1,500 a bottle

Reality star and rapper Boity Thulo introduces her new perfume to the market range at R1,500 a bottle.

The businesswoman introduces her venture to fans and other supporters, her product called Boity Pink Sapphire.

“Thank you all so so so much for the love, support and kind words. I appreciate this so much. This is only the beginning!” she wrote on her social media.

As you know, entertainment creates future for many celebs around the world because they have larger connection through fans than others.

We have seen many women achieve greats on these businesses, its looks like Boity Thulo sees potential benefit from this venture.

Other women have shown support and pride to her, Mihlali was among of those celebs send congratulatory message to the star.

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