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Boity thanks fans for support after reveals her struggles


Rapper and media star Boity Thulo thanks fans for support she received after revealing struggles from her record label and personal matters.

The rapper received encouraging words from followers who watch her current reality TV show, fans gave a thumb to Boity for being transparent.

Boity also responded to fans after being asked on whether she can include her father on her show, the rapper said no.

But more than anything, Boity Thulo is grateful for the love she gets from her follwers, which she said keeps her going.

“Thank you wholeheartedly to all my supporters. Honestly, your love keeps me going.

“I know things are incredibly tough right now so it’s important that we try as much as possible to keep a positive attitude. There is nothing better than gratitude. I am very thankful for my health and safety,” she also said.

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