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CelebrityBoity calls out Euphonik for continuing attack the rape accuser

Boity calls out Euphonik for continuing attack the rape accuser

Boity Thulo has slammed Euphonik for continuing using social media attacking the woman accuse him and DJ Fresh of rape, which allegedly happened 10 years ago.

This comes after Euphonik posted a screenshot of a message purportedly from a woman who accused him and his friend, DJ Fresh, of rape.

The DJ received backlash from many followers including other celebrities like Boity, as later he decided to deleted the tweets.

After the backlast, Boity gone with him with savage message against Euphonik, calling a “ville” for trying to prove his innocence using social media attacks.

She said, “You’re being a vile a**hole. This is not a joke!!!…… “You’re being accused of the most violent crime and you’re turning it into a sh*ts and giggles circus!

“Either confess or let your lawyers handle this. But what you’re doing here on Twitter is disgusting!”

Boity calls out Euphonik for continuing attack the rape accuser
Instagram | Boity Thulo

Last month, NPA dismissed prosecution of DJ Fresh and Euphonik after find out that there are insufficient evidences against them.

NPA North Gauteng spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Fresh and Euphonik upon perusal of the docket.

“With regards to the DJs Fresh and Euphonik matter, the docket was indeed presented to the prosecutor.

“Upon perusal of all the available evidence in the docket, a decision not to prosecute was taken. There are no prospects of successful prosecution on the available evidence, because the evidence is insufficient,” said Mahanjana.

After the dismiss, Euphonik just using his social media to stay innocence as well blast the alleged victim together with other who rise their voice on their case.

After the shots aim to accuser and supports, many followers slammed him, but it looks like he never gives up as he keeps continuing shares controversial messages targeting the alleged rape victim.

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