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Black Coffee speaks about failed marriage to Enhle Mbali


Black Coffee speaks about failed marriage to Enhle Mbali

Grammy Award-winning producer NkosinathiDJ Black CoffeeMaphumulo has been candid about his lifestyles after his cut up from actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.

During an interview on Podcast and Chill, Black Coffee addressed gender-based violence allegations made by using his estranged wife, their divorce and his relationship life.

Black Coffee mirrored on his previous relationship with Enhle, announcing he believed they grew aside when they began trying distinctive matters in life.

“You meet and you have a common goal, but one of the common goals is understanding each other’s pain when you meet. We want different things when we grow, and one of the things I want is to give that dusty little boy as many hugs as I can and reassure him and make sure he’s seen. Which is why I’m doing the internal work I am doing, and that changes me into a different human being as we grow into the relationship.

“I think I can safely say we both started wanting different things. If I can’t say we, I’ll say definitely I did. Over time we started wanting different things and problems start,” he said.

The We Dance Again hitmaker admitted he had kids out of wedlock but denied laying a hand on Enhle.

The DJ said he and Enhle, who now allegedly communicate solely on email, were equally making sure the children were well taken care of.

Black Coffee said although he has since moved on from the past and found new love after their divorce, he was certain he had no plans of ever walking down the aisle again.

“Today I know for a fact I won’t get married again. I’m clear about that because I am now in a better space in understanding who I am. I also understand the kind of pressure society puts you in without ever backing you up. I am with someone and I am in the most peaceful place with that understanding that there is no pressure.”

Black Coffee has been open about going to therapy after his split from Enhle.

Advising a childhood friend, Shota, on Mzansi Magic’s #PSILoveYouWedding special in late 2022, the star spoke about the importance of therapy and why he consulted a therapist to help him take responsibility for his actions.

“When I was first going through my divorce stuff, the first therapist I saw, I told her, ‘I need you to help me get over the fact that I’m being told how horrible I am as a human being. I’m starting to believe it, I need you help me and, if I am terrible, tell me’.”

“So I did that. When I’m fine I changed my therapist. I went to another one and said to her: ‘Help me take responsibility for all my actions’,” he said.

Going public on their split, Black Coffee said it was a “heartbreaking and challenging year”.

“After much deliberation since the story of our relationship broke in public, I wish to state that we have been trying to sort our problems amicably and in private for almost a year now and it has been the most heartbreaking and challenging period,” he wrote in 2019.

Black Coffee speaks about failed marriage to Enhle Mbali

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