Sunday, February 28, 2021
Celebrity Babes Wodumo accused of not appear on show

Babes Wodumo accused of not appear on show

Babes Wodumo accused by Brand and events manager “Andre” for not appear at BK Lifestyle Cafe in Sebokeng zone 14 in the Vaal, Gauteng, where Babes was supposed to perform.
Speaking with Daily Sun, Andre was totally confused and angry over Babes behavior as they already booked for show.
“And when she didn’t come the patrons got angry with me and beat me up,” Andre told Daily Sun.
Babes, whose real name is Bongekile Simelane, was booked to perform on Friday night at the club.
She even posted a video encouraging fans to meet her there but didn’t pitch.
She then posted a second video, apologising and promising to come the following day.
But she didn’t come again, and this made patrons very angry.
While Andre was trying to calm the situation, he was apparently attacked and beaten.
“The patrons accused us of lying to them and using Babes’ name to get people to come to the club.
“I was trying to explain but they became more angry. A number of guys attacked me with fists.
“I don’t know if they hit me with anything else.”
He said after he was beaten, he walked into the bathroom to see if he was badly injured.
“I was swollen and had blood all over my face. I’m very angry.
“This wouldn’t have happened had Babes kept her promise!”
Babes apparently eventually arrived at the club, which closes at 2am, at about 4am!
She took selfies with the few patrons who were still there and then left.
Babes Wodumo
“She’s burning her bridges,” said Andre.
“She’s at the peak of her career now, but one day when she falls she won’t have anybody to fall back on. No one will want to work with her.”
He said Babes had been paid very well, and they didn’t deserve such an attitude.
“We’ll never book Babes Wodumo again. Once bitten, twice shy. I learnt the hard way.
“We’re disappointed. She’s not only ruining her own life but is ruining our business because we’re losing money.”
Babes’ manager Nondumiso Simelane, who’s also her sister, told Daily Sun: “When we apologised on Friday, we were sure we’d arrive on time on Saturday.
“We were coming from another gig and the directions we were given took ages. That’s why we arrived in the morning.”


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