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Ayanda Thabethe: You can’t be #BlackLivesMatter supporter and hater!


Ayanda Thabethe has slammed those people who support Black Lives Matter movement and at the same time they spread negativity on social media.

The actress felt it is insane to act like you hurt from George Floyd’s death while you hate others who might have no power on rising their voices.

Ayanda Thabethe wrote on Twitter, “You can’t be also be championing the cause of black lives matter and also be a troll, spreading negativity and hate to those very same black lives … something to think about.”


Ayanda also called for trolls who continue to spread “hurtful things” about people on the TL to be named and shamed.

“One of these days we need to call each other out nje … name the Twitter troll you know … Why must we deal with people who abuse their share of voice to say hurtful things to other people? … it’s enough.”


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