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Ayanda Borotho reveals lockdown struggles


Actress Ayanda Borotho has opened up about lockdown struggles as majority of South Africans are trying to copy with current situation.

The actress has revealed on social media about current lifestyle including even skip some days to take a shower.

“I have to confess that there are days when I don’t shower, I love those days. Stop taking yourself so seriously, like really, who do you bath for at this time?” 

“I have small kids so I prepare breakfast, morning snack, lunch, midday snack and supper. There are dishes in between but my daughter does most of that, and let me tell you, she’s had about enough, sometimes we stare at the sink and burst in laughter.”

Lockdown lifestyle is not simple especially at this time, Ayanda Borotho explain on how her family struggle from it.

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