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Ayanda Borotho exposes scammers, warns fans about fake platform


Ayanda Borotho has warned fans to stay away from social media scammers who pretend to be her, and try to snatch others’ pocket by using her name.

The actress embeds fake accounts that pretending to be her, she warns about fake Tik Tok account, saying she isn’t in popular social media.

It all started after scammers using her name, promise to give 80k a week through fake platform.

“Warning! Please be aware that I do not have a TikTok account. I also don’t have access to a platform where people can make 80k a week etc. I’m not part of any investment scheme, forex trading platform or pyramid scheme. I don’t recruit people to make money. I will never dm/inbox you about such nor ask you to invest money in any of these,” she wrote

Ayanda urges followers to report and expose the scammers, preventing others into forex trap.

“Please be aware of the  accounts on TikTok created under false pretences using my name. We have reported them but they continue to set up different ones. If you come across these accounts please report them. Thank you to those of you who knew this is misaligned with who I am and alerted us to it.”

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