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Anele Tembe’s father responds to AKA’s tell-all interview


Anele “Nelli” Tembe’s father, Moses, has responded to AKA’s claims in his tell-all interview about being “denied” to speak at his girlfriend’s funeral.

As you know, Nelli Tembi passed away last month after apparently falling from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

There’s police investigation upon her death, as some believes she might be committed suicide which was actually denied by her father.

Speaking to anchor Thembekile Mrototo on The Bar Leader TV, AKA opened up about his relationship with Nelli, the day she died and about the 22-year-old’s alleged mental health issues. 

AKA was answering a question about Moses publicly denying at Nelli’s funeral on April 1 that his daughter was “chronically suicidal”. 

The rapper also claimed he was shocked to realise he had been “denied” the opportunity to speak at Nelli’s funeral. 

Anele Tembe’s father’s response was published at the end of the interview when he addressed AKA’s comments.

He said: “We held memorial services all week proceeding Anele’s service. Kiernan’s father and Kiernan’s friend spoke alongside Tembe family members. Kiernan never made a request nor was he ever denied an opportunity to read his message on the day of the funeral.”

Speaking about others issues, AKA also questioned the presence of police minister Bheki Cele at Nelli’s funeral.

“The programme never included Mr Bheki Cele but the programme director used his prerogative to invite him to the podium, a courtesy that would have been given to any minister. Personally, I have seen Mr Cele and other ministers in attendance at many funerals and ours was no exception,” Moses said.

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