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CelebrityAmi Faku says she will never change her appearance to capture...

Ami Faku says she will never change her appearance to capture fans’ attention

Afro-soul singer Ami Faku made it clear that she will never change her appearance to boost her music and fame.

The songstress believes sexy thing is not a betters way of gaining fan base, she wants the industry to recognise her for only music.

Speaking with TshisaLIVE, Ami Faku said she will not change her physical appearance to gain music attention.

“Already the music is a lot of pressure, I don’t want to base it on my physical looks and double the pressure, so I’ve always tried by all means to just make it strictly about the music and not just not about how I look or anything, hence my make-up is barely there on my face. I just want to be comfortable all the time.”

Asked whether she ever faced pressure to brand herself as sexy for fame, Ami said: “I wouldn’t say I am experiencing such pressures but I feel like initially people thought I would be a certain way with the make-up and the look.

“But I thought comfort is key and I’ve never been someone who does something that doesn’t make me happy so I’ve never felt the need to change myself for anyone or anything. Even if I change my looks or advance them it’s always something I wanted to do or something I’m comfortable with, and not based on people or the pressure.”

Going forward in her musical journey, Ami planned to do what is best for her and being honest with herself, even if there is some sort of change.

“It will never be based on anyone because I just don’t want to take too much of myself and give to that extent.”

Ami Faku was introduced to the music industry in 2017, as a contestant on The Voice SA.

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