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Amanda Black speaks out on violence against women


Amanda Black has called out government and other institutions to intervene gender-based violence in the country following recent cases.

Women across the country are tired of repeated violence done against them, many celebs including Amanda use their platform condemning that violence.

Amanda Black believes it is awful to continue lying about their sexuality and other lifestyle to protect their beloved ones from abuse because they’re in great danger.

“I remember back then my friends and I even used to lie about being together just to stop a guy from continuing to harass either of us. Not knowing then that lying about being lesbian put us in even more danger,” she explained.

Rate of violence in South Africa is higher, women and children are highly affected from it as now celebs want government to put pressure on it like what world did on George Floy’s death.

The musician acknowledge what others suffers from that abuse despite not being victim of it, the situation made every female afraid of it.

“I count myself so lucky to never have been raped. I can’t imagine the kind of damage it does to one’s soul. I shouldn’t have to count myself lucky. Not being raped and assaulted and killed should be the norm, mahn!!”

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