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AKA calls for black Americans to come back home amid violence


Rapper AKA has suggestions on protecting black Americans from abuse, he asked brothers and sisters living there to come back home over recent violence targeted people of colour in US.

The death of George Floyd caused protests in almost whole country, people gathered on different cities without regarding the coronavirus pandemic to express how they’re hurt from that incident.

In the video, George can be heard groaning and repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe” to a white officer. Two other officers helped hold him down, while another stood nearby with his eyes on bystanders.

George died in hospital shortly after the incident.

AKA joins others expressing how he’s hurt from these violence as he suggests black Americans to come back home because Africa is large continent and there’re many opportunities here.

“People of all colours burning black-owned businesses in Atlanta. When asked why, they reply ‘Black Lives Matter’. I’m hella confused,” he wrote.

He said it was time for African Americans to “come home. Simple as that”.

“If all those athletes and movie stars and business people just moved we could all just be nice and soft together,” he said.

He also suggesting African-Americans to put investment in Africa,

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