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AKA apologises over rude response to Thando Thabethe


AKA has apologised over his rude response to Thando Thabethe, after being questioned about his late fiancé Anele Thembi.

The two were in an interview, but things went wrong after Thando ask questions regarding Anele Thembi, who died early this year.

It all started on Thabooty’s 947 show when she had AKA and musician Costa Titch as guests.

He asked the rapper to address “the elephant in the room”, referring to developments surrounding Anele’s case and any information AKA may have about it.

“We have to speak about the elephant in the room. You had a sit-down with one of our own, Thembekile Mrototo, and a lot of people felt like you said nothing in the interview,” she said.

The “Don’t Forget To Pray” hitmaker’s body language immediately changed as he got defensive.

AKA replied, “So?”, before telling Thando he did not want to talk about it.

“Do you feel a need to say anything about the incident?” asked Thando, to which AKA responded by telling her that it is not an incident to him, but his reality.

“You wanna call it an incident. This is my life, bro. To you it’s an incident,” he said.

Thando continued to question him and said: “Is it something you are never going to answer?”

AKA replied: “It’s none of your business. It’s nobody’s business but my own. It is something I am living with in my life. It’s none of your business.”

At the end of the interview, Thando gave AKA the middle finger before high-fiving it out and laughing it off.

After the interview, the rapper uses his social media platform to apologise to thando for misbehaving during that show.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of whoo ha on social media about our interview on Friday. For the record I just want to say Thando Thabethe has always been in my corner from the start, even through everything that has happened this year. It’s unfortunate that I felt triggered by the way she asked her questions and I could have handled it better, after all she’s just doing her job and all that,” said AKA.

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