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A second attempt for Eva Modika’s Brazilian butt lift and lipo treatment.


After failures in the first butt lift, a Diamond and Dolls star Eva Modika says she feels more confident after her R65,000 Brazilian butt lift and liposuction.

The reality TV star spoke to TMZ while recovering in a hospital bed at The Clinique Istanbul in Turkey.

Eva travelled to Turkey on Monday, after a friend from Tanzania recommended the clinic and the doctor to her.

“I had been planning to do the procedure for some time. I can’t wait for a full recovery, the pain is worth it. It means me taking more videos with less filters because I will have the confidence I need,” she said.

Before the procedure, Eva purposely gained weight after the doctor told her she did not have enough fat.

This is her second attempt at achieving the ‘hourglass figure’ with the procedure.

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In 2020 Eva got her first liposuction in SA, but it was botched and she got fibrosis and a lump from it.

“The experience at the hospital in Turkey has been amazing, the aftercare is superior. They literally check up on you every hour. I can walk around the hospital; the nurses help with breathing exercises and other techniques to help me recover fast. I love it here. Before I was alone at home and was assisted by my sisters who cooked and took care of me.”

Eva said after realising that other people also struggle to get the right doctors, she chose to share her journey and will also broadcast it on the second season of Diamond and Dolls.

“There are many people who have had failed or botched procedures and are afraid to speak about it. I want others to learn from my mistakes and to be aware of the risks that come with choosing surgery.

“I wouldn’t want someone go through the same mistakes I had, so it is better to help, and it makes me sleep good at night knowing I helped someone out there.”

The star needs eight weeks to fully recover, and has had support from her family and friends throughout her journey.

“A proper doll means taking care of yourself and looking good while inspiring others. Feeling comfortable in clothes. Feeling sexy. Being able to wear a bikini without feeling like something is out of place. Having a body close to perfect. No one can have a perfect body, but I can at least try and work on what I have.”

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