Cassper defends Phelo and Moshe over homophobic troll

Cassper Nyovest has defended the power couple Phelo and Moshe after some social media users called a picture of them kissing is disgusting.

The couple shared a picture on Twitter of them kissing, some haters saw it and leave homophobic comments.

Cass took his Twitter to defends the couple while others applaud them for their romantic relationship.

“Not your mouth, not your place. Let live. All we need to do on this earth is spread love. We spend too much time commenting on other people’s orientation. If you don’t agree or condone, keep it moving. Words hurt, stop making other human being’s lives miserable, its wrong. Please,” he wrote.

The user said he should be allowed to share his opinion, but Cassper was ready with a stinging reply.

“It’s not cool bro. Gay people go through a lot just to be themselves. Words hurt, they do. You just said two people who love each are disgusting for kissing because you don’t think it’s normal. How are they supposed to feel after reading that? Stop being mean to people bro. Let people be.”

He then preached about bullying.

“Stop being mean to people who did not do a single thing to you. Everyone has got serious sh*t to deal with, why add to that? Why is it so cool to be a rude and mean human being nowadays? Everybody is trying be a badass. Just hurt people trying look cool by hurting other people.”