Cardi B threaten to beat Nicki Minaj and pursue legal action

Beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj reach another level after Cardi B threaten to beat Nicki Minaj following her Queen Radio show and spilled more details about their infamous NYFW fight.


“I’ll Kick Your Ass and Sue” Cardi B threw shades at Nicki……………

Cardi B called Nicki a snitch for claiming Rah Ali beat up Cardi during last month’s brawl … adding she’s tired of the back and forth, so they should settle it with their fists.

According to Tmz, Nicki is offering $100k to anyone who’s willing to leak footage of the altercation, and said she’s willing to take CB to court … but Cardi is firing back and saying she should sue Nicki for defamation.

It looks like their beef went too far as fans of both stars convince them to end their feud.