Cape Town nurse resigned allegedly forcing love rival to eat dog faeces

Cape Town nurse who accused of forcing love rival to eat dog feaces resigned from Tygerberg Hospital after a video of the incident went viral on August 5.
According to Daily Voice, theatre nurse Elizabeth Williams, 38, made headlines after she took videos of herself allegedly forcing Ivodene “Dienkie” van Niekerk, 28, to eat a bag of dog feaces after accusing sleeping with her boyfriend, Jubie.
Cape Town nurse resigned allegedly forcing love rival to eat dog faecesDuring the incident on 26 July, she also allegedly fed Dienkie abortion tablets, drew her blood without consent and tested her for HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).
Mimmie, along with her co-accused Princess Gopie, Porchia Jonkers, Amber Booysen and Desmond Alexander, were arrested after the videos went viral on social media.
The group returned to Goodwood Magistrates’ Court on Monday where Mimmie’s application to have her bail conditions relaxed, so she can go back to work, was granted.
In August, the court heard that her resignation letter, submitted while she was in custody, was rejected by Tygerberg Hospital management as she was required to give a month’s notice and an investigation into her conduct was also underway.
Defence lawyer, Andrew Joyce, told the court on Monday that Mimmie’s resignation letter has now been accepted by the hospital effective from 4 October 2019.
Magistrate Bukiwe Sambudla scrapped the 24-hour house arrest, but said Mimmie would not be allowed to work with vulnerable people again.
“The court is of the view that it would not be in the interest of justice that the applicant seek employment in a place where there are vulnerable people, like children, sick people and other kinds of disabled [people]. She can seek employment anywhere else.”
On Tuesday Tygerberg Hospital spokesperson, Laticia Pienaar, said their investigation into the missing instruments and abortion tablets allegedly used on Dienkie could not be concluded.
She says the police investigation did not allow for the hospital to report the matter to the South African Nursing Council (SANC) at the time.
“This process will only start now to give the SANC the opportunity to investigate.”
The case was postponed to 22 November.