Cape Town man ordered to remove wife-pornographic materials from his devices

A Cape Town man who allegedly sought to threaten his estranged wife into acceding to his demands during their divorce has been ordered to permanently remove any pornographic material which she was part of from all his digital devices.

He also had to destroy a suitcase of explicit material he had sent her a photo of, claiming it held a “big secret”, which he said he would release if she did not reconsider her counterclaim in divorce proceedings.

Western Cape High Court Acting Judge Bruce Langa made final a draft order on Friday that was presented to him as part of an urgent application brought by the wife.

Advocate Brian Pincus SC, representing the wife, had asked the court to protect his client’s rights to privacy, dignity and integrity.

So-called “revenge porn” has been in the spotlight in Parliament after its communications committee heard submissions calling for harsher punishment for people who distribute harmful media without consent, as envisaged in the films and publications amendment bill.

The bill which was passed by the National Assembly in March, is now being considered by the National Council of Provinces.

The couple, who cannot be named to protect the identity of their children, had made sex videos in their home during the course of their marriage. The man had taken nude photographs of his wife and she had also sent him nudes from time to time.

His wife, an estate agent, revealed in her founding affidavit that their marriage had “broken down irretrievably and there was no reasonable prospect of the restoration of the normal marital relationship between us”.

She said her husband instituted divorce proceedings against her in February this year.