Bust for faking death on Facebook to swindle money

Woman busted after faking her husband death on Facebook to swindle money from her husband family and other friends.

According to Coconuts, on 15 July Tachawit Janngiw and his wife posted photos of him lying on the floor with his eyes closed and cotton wool shoved up his nostrils on a remembrance page on Facebook.

They live in Bangkok, Thailand.

A caption under the post reportedly read: “Last photo before deactivating his Facebook – Love you.”

His wife told friends and family that he had been putting on a brave face for years but had actually been suffering from asthma and cancer.

Tachawit’s wife then called his mum to tell her the bad news and ask for money to pay for the funeral.

His mum told local media that his wife had asked for THB20 000 to bring his body back to his family home in Lampang about 600kms away.

The family then made arrangements for his burial at the local temple for the following day.

When his body never arrived, his cousin called Tachawit’s cellphone – and the “dead man” answered it!

The family has reportedly blown THB60 000 on the fake funeral.

Tachawit didn’t comment in the story, but judging by the comments on his remembrance page, he’s facing some harsh criticism for his failed scam.