Burna Boy responds after demanded to make an apology

Burna Boy has responded to calls from South Africans to apologises for his comments he made few months ago during xenophobia.

During xenophobic attack, Burna Boy urged black foreigners living in SA to defend and protect themselves against xenophobic attacks. In a now deleted tweet, he also told rapper AKA to beef up his security, before giving him the middle finger.

He promised to never set foot in SA again until the government “wakes the f*ck up and really performs a miracle”. However, a month later, he was announced as part of the Africans Unite line-up to “unify all Africans and speak out against femicide”. It is being held this weekend at the Sun Arena in Pretoria.

Many fans demanded for local artists to boycott the event until he apologises, while there’s rumours that some artists are not ready to share stage with him if he remain silent.

EFF leader Julius Malema defends the “African giant”, he said he’s ready to protect and welcome without an apology because he’s one of us and nothing can stop him from performing in SA.

After weeks of silence from South Africans calls, Burna Boy responds with an option of not apologising because he believes doing so can imply that there’s no such xenophobic attack happened in SA.

Some fans advised the rapper to boycott the event because they felt that the bad treatment in that event, but the rapper remain with his decision.

He rubbished claims that he had misled people about the xenophobic attacks, he said the better way to solve the problem is for Africa to be united, to be powerful than America.

It looks like many social media users were not agreed with his united advice, they respond by saying united Africa could be better if it will be out of South Africa may be Central or somewhere because they believe Mzansi is not a better place for that unite because is NOT bigger than SA.

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