Bonnie Mbuli claims ‘racial incident’ over Clifton Beach

Bonnie Mbuli rise her voice over the incident happened on Clifton Beach after booted off the beach this week by a private security company allegedly told them that the beach was closed.

Fatima Shabodien and ANC Western Cape provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs and his family were also victim of this incident.

#FeesMustFall branch in the Western Cape saw it as a racial incident and have called for “all self-respecting to descend to Clifton 4th Beach on Friday” to “reclaim our beaches from racists”.

Bonnie Mbuli

The incident has sparked fierce debate on social media and on Thursday afternoon Afternoon Express presenter Bonnie Mbuli stepped in to give her thoughts on the matter.

The star said, “As a tourist attraction, Cape Town wants to be able to parade as a ‘white hegemonic paradise’ where folk like Adam Catsavelos can take selfies on the beach and claim there are no (k-word) in sight, probably part of the City of Cape Town’s scramble to recover their tourism deficit caused by drought”.

“Even if the City of Cape Town walks this back and releases a statement denying their involvement, they know the damage is done. The message is spreading and the die is cast, that if you’re a person of colour, you will not be allowed on the beach. If anything, it has worked as an intimidation tactic.”

The security company said it was helping the city reinforce safety and control after an alleged attempted rape on the beach, but the City of Cape Town has distanced itself from the company.