Bonang expects to includes other products on her venture

Bonang Matheba is looking to expand her business after successful reaction from champopo range sols in just hours after she introduce her brand last week.

This time, Queen B will include shoe and fashion range on her venture.

Bonang expects to includes other products on her venture

During an interview on Power FM this week, Bonang said she was overwhelmed by the reaction to her bubbly and spilled the tea on how she wanted the House of BNG brand to include other products, including shoes. 

“I see House of BNG as an umbrella company that’s going to give birth to so many other things. Imagine House of BNG the fashion range,” she added.

In fact, the shoe deal has apparently already been signed.

“I have signed an incredible diamond deal in New York for a shoe range that is coming out under House of BNG,” she revealed.

Bonang’s bubbly has already got tongues wagging after fans complained about the R399 retail price for the product.

However, celebs including DJ Fresh, Prince Kaybee and Somizi all defended the decision.

“As South Africans are quick to… We haven’t tasted it. We don’t know the quality. We are quick to say, ‘aaah the price!’. If you look at what was put together, what is in it. The actual making of it, we will tell. Let us taste before we dismiss it,” Somizi said on his Metro FMradio show shortly after the launch.