AKA: ‘South Africa would be boring without me’

Rapper AKA took another shoot to his nemesis Cassper Nyovest following their ongoing feud heads up while their old tormentors feel his rival is better than him.

It all started when Mark Fish came for the Super Mega, trying to be funny.

Mark Fish, who started his own social media trend when he mistook Hugh Masekela for Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse after Bra Hugh’s death last year, paid “tribute” to AKA by reading Cassper’s accomplishments.

AKA responded by running to the front of the stage and pretending to do a Cassper dance move with a drink in his hand. He even pretended to have a ponytail like his rival once had.


But the shots properly came at the end of the night when the rapper was finally unleashed and given a mic to address the panel.

He started out by labelling Penny Penny’s music career as a “scam” and followed that up immediately by calling him “Cassper’s dad”.

AKA then told all the panelists that they were all there because of him and claimed the country would be boring without him.

To explain just how bad it would be, he said the industry would be dominated by a man who begged fans to buy tickets for his show, and then mimicked Cassper on stage.

“Imagine a South Africa without AKA. What a terrible place. All you have is some weird guy dancing with a bottle and pleading with people to ‘please buy a ticket, bru’. Year after year, I reinvent myself. Even my enemies promote my brand for me.”