AKA: ‘I don’t wanna be famous anymore… It totally sucks’

Rapper AKA released new album “Touch My Blood” on Wednesday, went double platinum this week something should make him happy but he took his Twitter to address that fame make him unhappy.

AKA: ‘I don’t wanna be famous anymore... It totally sucks’

The rapper took his Twitter to thanks fans for supporting by buying his album despite of being unhappy.

He did not disclosure about what is going on but he prefers to stick with other things to stay away from making hits.

f”Professionally I’m killing it … personally, I have no f****** idea what I’m doing.

“Surely there has to be more to life than making hot records,” AKA said.

However, he told media last year about his plan of releasing last album but up to this time it is unclear about a reason behind that decision and his tweets.