A$AP Rocky guilty in Sweden assault case

Sweden judges found A$AP Rocky guilty of his assault case but he will not serve a jail time, the rapper disappointed about the verdict.

According to TMZ, A$AP’s attorney, Slobodan Jovicic, just issued a statement on the guilty verdict, and he says he and the team ain’t happy about it, even though their client doesn’t have to do more jail time.

Jovicic says he sees it as a victory that the court recognized Rocky didn’t use a bottle, that he was followed and harassed, and didn’t act in a joined attack or inflict wounds on the victim, but the fact he was found NOT to be acting in self-defense is something he disagrees with.

He added, the likely reason Rocky wasn’t acquitted is because two witnesses to the attack did not see what was happening in the moments leading up to it. Jovicic says the situation unfolded very quickly, which makes it difficult for someone to comprehend the right way. That said, he explains it’s hard to accept the judgment as it stands.

The 4 judges in the case issued their written ruling Wednesday … concluding A$AP was guilty of assaulting a man during a street fight in Stockholm. The judges said Rocky, and his 2 friends who were also standing trial, “were not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defense.”

The case hinged on whether A$AP threw a bottle at the victim during the all-out brawl in late June. Prosecutors argued Rocky hurled the bottle and badly cut the guy, but they couldn’t produce a single witness who saw a bottle fly during the melee. Rocky conceded he was holding a bottle for protection, but put it down and it never made contact with the guy.

The judges said prosecutors did not prove the bottle was used to hit the victim. As a result, the judges said the crime did not warrant any further time served, and added Rocky will NOT have to do community service.

He got suspended sentence, meaning he’ll have to pay various fees and fines, and if he does he’s in the clear. The judges felt Rocky and his co-defendants got ample punishment already with time served.