8-month-old baby poisoned to death by jealous wife

An 8-month-old baby girl dies after jealous first wife allegedly gives her poisonous insecticide to drink by her dad’s first wife.

According to Punch, the tragedy happened on 9 September in Danauta village, northern Nigeria.

The suspect is Zulac Kabiru (20), who was arrested by cops this week after her husband bust her as the culprit behind his baby daughter’s death.

Zulac told Punch: “I warned my husband against marrying another wife, but he didn’t listen. The second wife was in the habit of insulting and assaulting me at all times and one day I decided to poison her eight-month-old daughter to increase her sorrow; so that she will learn how to respect her superiors in the family.

“Before my husband married her, I kicked against the move. We have been living in peace but when she came, she divided the family. My husband gave her more attention and since then our family has been in shambles.”

Zulac said it was as if she had been inhabited by an evil spirit when she did the terrible deed.

She said: “It was the work of the devil; I didn’t know when I did it, it was a wicked act.”

Cops said they will finalise their investigation before formally charging her.