50 Cent thinks Oprah only goes after black men accused of sexual assault

50 Cent is not impressed on how Oprah Winfrey treating black men in America and not whites, he thinks she’s part of the problem on destroying black history.

Fifty has expressed his thought over Oprah after she announced new documentary about allegations against Russell Simmons.

Fifty said now he is confusing over all allegations against R. Kelly, Billy Cosby and Michael Jackson because treatment done to them are quietly different from whites like president Donald Trump and others.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, shared an old photo of the former TV host with music executive Russell Simmons.

The criticism comes on the heels of Winfrey’s announcement that she will produce a new documentary about the sexual misconduct allegations against Simmons.

It features Drew Dixon, a former music recording executive, who claims that Simmons raped her while she was working at his label Def Jam Recording, reported the Los Angeles Times.

A title has not been revealed, but it will air on Apple TV+ after it premieres at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Jackson claimed that this documentary, along with Winfrey’s work on the Michael Jackson documentary Finding Neverland, is evidence that she has an agenda against black men.

‘I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men. No Harvey Weinstein, No Epstein, just Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons. This s**t is sad,’ Jackson wrote on Instagram.

Jackson then went after CBS This Morning host Gayle King, a friend of WInfrey’s, who confronted R Kelly on TV about the allegations of sexual assault against him.

‘Gayle went after R Kelly with the death blow documentary. Every time I hear Michael Jackson I don’t know whether to dance or think about the little boys butts,’ he wrote.

‘These [documentaries] are publicly convicting their targets, it makes them guilty till proven innocent.’

Jackson then escalated his attack on Winfrey, posting a collage of six celebrity men accused of sexual assault, including Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, R Kelly, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein.

Epstein, Spacey, Trump and Weinstein had ‘Walk’ written over their photos while Cosby and Kelly had ‘Jail’ written over them.