50 Cent disses his Baby mama…she claps back so hard!!!

50 Cent exchange bitter words with mother of his oldest son Shaniqua Tompkins soon after shading Marquise Jackson for associate with the son of Supreme McGriff — one of 50’s rivals.


The flurry of insults started after 50 Cent’s baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins wrote on her Instagram story, “A n****a with money don’t mean s**t…. Ronald McDonald rich as f**c….. but he still a clown,”

50 screengrabbed the message and captioned it, writing, 👀Alexa plat bitter old bitch by lil baby ☕🐸LOL.”

Shaniqua responded by writing these, “I find it humorous that a not so gangster rapper will go so hard and be so dilligent at going at his child and his child’s mother, but won’t keep that same energy for the n****s who put that hot lead up in his ass…


As you know 50 Cent is the king of disses as he’s not worrying of feuding with anybody, he does not care either his enemy is woman, man, young, rich, celebrity or not or anybody…what he does, just savage anyone who cross his line.