50 Cent accuse Floyd Mayweather of copying him

Feud between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent is not over, this time the candy shop rapper slams the boxer and accuse him for copying his lifestyle.

As you know Floyd isn’t shy about flaunting his wealth, numerous private planes to his massive luxury car collection, Money is all about showing his riches.

Floyd Mayweather

This time, 50 Cent got a taste of Floyd IG  IG video were he was showing off all of his expensive whips and Fiddy was not impressed. “All Black Everything,”

Curtis Jackson continue…… “Trying to decide what I want to take for a spin…The Phantom, The Wraith, The Drophead, The Dawn, The Maybach or The 488 Ferrari.”

50 Cent was not happy of Floyd drama as the video look like targeted him after the rapper posting photos of cars he bought himself for Christmas, including a white convertible Rolls Royce, a yellow Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and a black Ferrari 488.  

50 Cent
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Alberto Terenghi/IPA/REX/Shutterstock (8873452i)50 Cent‘Power’ photocall, 57th Festival of Television, Monte Carlo, Monaco – 20 Jun 2017

Fiddy came for Floyd in the comments section of his brag post about his rides, writing “I thought I blocked this n***a, see me wit white, now he going all black.”

“Now I’m going skittles on his ass all colors,” Curtis, 43, continued to flex. These two guys have been going at it for quite some time, but Floyd’s video seemed to be a direct hit at Fiddy posting just hours earlier about wanting to get a red Ferrari 488, which the boxing legend proved he already owns.