4-month-old baby attacked after Leopard snatched him from his mother

Four-month-old baby injured after he snatched from his mother’s arms by a leopard as she rode on a motorcycle in western India.

According to BBC Gujarati, mother was carrying the baby while sitting behind her husband on a motorcycle when the leopard struck.


His father’s cries for help were heard by nearby villagers who rushed out and encircled the animal.

“They started shouting which scared the leopard into dropping the baby,” a forest official told BBC Gujarati.

“We rushed over as soon as we found out and called for an ambulance,” a forest officer, who was on duty at the time, said. The mother was also injured and is in hospital with her baby, the officer added.


Mahesh Pandya, a local environmentalist, told BBC Gujarati that incidents like this occurred in the area because humans had encroached into “spaces that the animals have occupied for years”

Instances of human-animal conflict have been increasing in India, where shrinking animal habitats often drive elephants, tigers and leopards into residential areas

There are about 12,000-14,000 leopards in the country and on average one is killed every day.